The Making Guitar step by step for super(?) beginner
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||| 3. Arrange materials

Get materials from wood shop. You can use internet Web shop, online order.

CHeck wood perfectly dry and seasoning. Raw wood will be warp.....

In TOKYO, Wood and D.I.Y shop is MOKU-MOKU at JR Saikyo line "Shin-kiba" near the station . You can get lot of nice wood.

Chinese TSUGE use for peg and strap pins.

I collect some wood from world wide by internet. Sometimes my friend present wood for me THANX!

I am often order wood and parts from StewartMacdnald's WWW shop USA.

Ebony Libs for Lute, BaroqueGuitar, I got shop " DAIWA-MARK" in Japan custom shop. It is very nice! DAIWA-MARK Home page is here.

My friend Mr.Momose in office, his sister works apple farming. I peel off the apple wood and keep dry in my house. It will be use to bridge in the future, after 5 years.

If you make electric guitar, get easy from guitar shop.

Other materials are get from various shops. I'm looking for thin and long ivoly.

Also need glue materials, I use grand glue and TiteBond. Look his picture, my handmade Bond stand " James" named. We call it "James Bond".

Grand glue is best glue to use make instrument. Perfect Join and easy remove. For use, put glue to the bottle with water, leave it alone 6 hours. warm up it 80 degrees bottle within pot.


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