The Making Guitar step by step for super(?) beginner
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||| 4. Drow the plan

I usually draw the plan myself, meny musical instrument.

I use big paper and Macintosh computer.

(1) At first, take the measure from orijinal instrument correctly.

(2) Copy to down size paper. A0 size paper to A4 size paper. Because scanner takeable is A4 size maxmum.

A0 ( big size paper)

841mm ~ 1189mm


594mm ~ 841mm


420mm ~ 594mm


297mm ~ 420mm


210mm ~ 297mm

(3) Take path by illustrator on Macintosh.

If you don't have Macintosh, You can use Windows computer. But need caution lengthwise and crosswise ratio. Usually, Publishing shop not handling windows data.

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