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||||| This is Napoli style guitar. I made summer to autumn in 2001. You can see ssome pictures step by step, my works.

||||| At firest, Make MOLD. Draw and cut from 2.5cm Wood board (compilation wood).

||||| Cut some slit for clamps.
Left: Napoli style mold.
Right: Wien(Stauffer) style mold.

||||| Carve back board.
Do you know Lutherie "Laprevott" ,"LAURENT" and more? They are made archback(caved) guitar in early 19th century. But the backboard was 1 peace panel, not book matched. This time, I use book matched back board.Because,I don't have 1 peace enough big maple panel.

||||| From thickness 9mm.
Cave and cave ........

||||| Arched!

||||| Glue bars.

||||| 3 bars this type.

||||| parts here. Lot of clamps set to mold.

||||| I like this process.

||||| In 19th century, existed many heel style. Mono caved, 1piece,2piece,3piece.....

||||| Heads.
Left: Napoli style head.
Right: Lacote style head.

||||| Formalize....

||||| Neck and head joint. original Napoli guitar adopted many joint technique that delta,crank,trapezoid, and more.

||||| Just fit!!

||||| Orthodox rosette style, but i like it very much.

||||| Bracing. Look, harmonic plate upper of soundhall.

||||| Every time I use grand hide glue made from europian rabbit skin and bone mixed.

||||| Joint neck to body.

||||| Binding.

||||| Perfrings....

||||| glue....

||||| Fingerboard thickness 1mm.

||||| Perfrings.

||||| Fret, made from ivory (Removed 19th century piano KEYs).

||||| Fret slotting. Glue by grand hide glue.

||||| Usualy, i work mid night to early morning. Because i am very busy onother some works.

||||| Bridge positioning.

||||| Foundation of varnish. By tempera medium (egg and oil mixed).

||||| Sawing, an arabesque (2 plates glued in 1 board).

||||| Divided and cleaning in vat full of alcohol

||||| Finish by shellac varnish (not french polish).

||||| Completed!!
Fit gut strings(include catline) from "NRI" supervised.

Makoto Tsuruta : info@crane.gr.jp

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