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(1) Fabricatore family tree (summarized)

Giovanni Family, Gennaro Family, and Vincenzo Family

Giovanni Family

Giovanni Battista Fabricatore

He manufactured various stringed instruments from 5-course guitars, 6-string guitars, Lyre(Lyra) guitar,mandolins, and double-course mandoline style to violins. He was a renowned manufacturer not only in Naples but internationally. Mandolins he made were various; Genova style mandolin, mandolino, etc. He was born in about 1750(another literature say 1745) and died in 1824 or later. There exists an instrument with a label of "Ajuto 91" where it seems he had an atelier. Later he manufactured with his son at Ajute 32.

The son's name is Raffaele. An litereture says they made the 1824 guitar together, however, it is more convincing that it was made only by the son considering the father's age, although the label mentions two names on it. Many museums in the world possess and display Giovanni Battista 's instruments. The number of existing instruments is more than those of other manufacturers in the same period. This time, I confirmed twenty-eight instruments.

Raffaele Fabricatore

A manufacturer in Naples. This time I've found that he was Giovanni Battista' s son. I found, on the other hand, Gennaro I was Giovanni Battista Fabricatore's pupil, not the son.

Also confirmed his atelier was at S.M. dell' Ajuto32. It was said that the 1821 guitar was the existing oldest one, however, I've confirmed a guitar with 1813 label is existing. Observing the condition, his technique had reached high level by early 1800's. Some labels haven't been deciphered, so, it seems that there may be more of the son's works although they are generally recognized as the father's. There is no precise record about the year of Raffaele's birth and death, however, I suppose it should be Ca. 1770 - ?, guessing from his father's age. There is no record of the family after Raffaele.

November 2004 : When did Giovanni Battista Fabricatore die?

Now I'm making a following consideration on the change of label design on the instruments manufactured by Giovanni and his son from 1783 through 1814. Giovanni had at least six label designs in his life. We can see the pattern on the edge of the label changed. The patterns assumed to be made in his later years are gradually resembling his son's pattern.(Please refer to the pictures)

Their Labels

At present, the last label mentioning Giovanni's name only, I mean the one which is not collaborating with his son, is on 1811 instrument. From the above information, I assume that GiovanniBattista Fabricatore died around 1812. There is another vision which says it's 1815. We might be able to find the exact date by looking into family registers in Naples.

Gennaro Family

Gennaro Fabricatore (I and II)

I checked about forty Gennaro family's instruments. Basically, Gennaro I and Gennaro II used one label design together. Gennaro family had four factories at least. It is said that the factories had moved many times, however, I see a possibility that some were operated at the same time. Please see the chart "FABRICATORE FACTORIES".
Gennaro (I and II) used two kinds of labels : a big one with a portrait of a woman playing the guitar, and a small one which is generally used for a violin.

The big label : for the instruments mass-produced at the factories
The small label : for the instruments made by Gennaro himself privately, as a luthier

November 2004 : "Fabricatore" brand continued until the beginning of 20th century

I've found a few insturuments which have a label of Gennaro Gabricatore manufactured in the 1890s on them. Especially, the 1899 violin has a small-sized individual label of Gennaro. It's different from the big labels which are often seen on Gennaro's mass-produce instruments. The small label indicates that "Fabricatore" instruments were being manufactured until the end of 19th century as an individual brand at least. I'm not sure whether the factory still existed then. Their family tree shows that it is likely that Gennaro himself had died by then and his descendants were manufacturing, however, there is a high possibility that "Fabricatore" brand continued until 20th contury if the 1899 violin is not the last one.

Vincenzo Family

Vincenzo Fabricatore

There is few records about Vincenzo, but it is said that he was making lutes and guitars in Naples in late 18th century. The year of his birth is supposed to be around 1750, but the year of death is unknown. I haven't confirmed if any of his instruments still exists.

Pietro Fabricatore

He is known as Vincenzo' son and seemed to be known as a manufacturer of mandolins and guitars in 18th century. The atelier was on Orsola street166 in Naples. An instrument and the label of 1799 have been confirmed. And a Mandole(probably, a mandolino) with a 1790 label also exists.


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